How To Ship

Thank you for choosing Sea Air to handle your critical business shipments. Sea Air is standing by to move your packages or freight to any international destination you choose.

One call to the Sea Air branch nearest you can set your urgent business shipments in motion. To find your nearest branch.

  • Safety and Security
    Sea Air conducts rigorous security and screening procedures.
  • Insurance
    Sea Air provides automatic insurance coverage free of charge for all non-document shipments valued up to $100, excluding only certain restricted countries. This coverage is for theft, loss, or damage of contents. You don't have to do anything extra to receive this coverage, but the value must be verifiable from the commercial invoice that you originally attached to the shipment.
  • Customs, Duties and Taxes
    Sea Air clears your shipments through foreign customs, by performing an appropriate type of customs procedure, depending on the nature and value of the goods, the mode of transport, and the import regulations of the destination country.
  • The Sea Air Courier Waybill
    All courier and express cargo shipments require the use of an Sea Air Courier Waybill (CWB) which will be supplied to you free of charge by your local Sea Air office. To have CWBs or other shipping supplies delivered to you, please call your local Sea Air office.
  • Using the Courier Waybill
    This document walks you through using the Courier Waybill.
  • Armoured Truck Delivery For Valuables
  • The Commercial Invoice
    A commercial invoice, in 3 copies, is required for shipments containing any item other than business documents. Since the definition of 'business documents' varies according to destination country, it is often confusing for the shipper to know when it is necessary to complete a commercial invoice. If there is any question about a particular shipment, your local Sea Air customer service at 1-888-SHIP-Sea Air can advise you.
  • Using the Commercial Invoice
    This document walks you through using the Commercial Invoice.
  • Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) (Form 7525-V)
    The SED or "Shipper's Export Declaration", unlike the Commercial Invoice for foreign customs, is a document required by the U.S. federal government to export certain high value shipments or regulated, licensed commodities.
  • Preparing a Shipper's Export Declaration Form (SED) 7525-V
    This document walks you through preparing a a Shipper's Export Declaration Form (SED) 7525-V.
  • Preparing a NAFTA C.O.
    This document walks you through preparing a NAFTA C.O


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