Sea Air is an international proprietary network, with exclusive operations overseas and the resources to plan single or multi-venue distribution of show materials to countries anywhere in the world. Our 250-station Sea Air group can take complete care of your customs clearances, storage, and on-schedule delivery in every market you travel to.
We will plan and execute all phases of the export/import project, including:

  • Receiving and storage stateside
  • Sorting, labeling, & consolidation
  • International air transportation
  • Export and import documentation, licensing overseas where required
  • Customs clearance in all countries
  • Free domicile / duty deferment in all countries
  • Diplomatic clearances where required
  • Storage at Sea Air facilities in destination city
  • On-schedule delivery to the foreign venue
  • Complete accountability and client exhibitor support at all times
  • Ongoing, direct, proactive communication with our overseas Sea Air stations
  • On-site language assistance in selected markets
  • Direct post-fair billing to exhibitors for shipping service


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