Sea Air offers diverse and customized international services. Our primary focus on overseas shipping enables us to ship directly to foreign markets, while our domestic-market- oriented competitors generally route all shipments through a Nigeria. sorting hub. Sea Air stations begin the export process immediately by moving shipments directly through our overseas gateway cities.

  • Courier Services
    Sea Air specializes in speedy door-to-door courier transit of time-sensitive business materials. Once our Sea Air driver picks up your shipment, we manage every detail of its movement, through foreign customs and into the hands of your recipient.
  • Air Cargo and Freight Forwarding
    Sea Air can ship heavy weight cargo to virtually any market. With local Sea Air facilities in 70 countries, we can arrange all the details, including customs clearance and final delivery.
  • Publications Distribution
    Sea Air provides logistics for many of the world's premier publishers and distributors, moving all types of publications to overseas subscribers on all continents.
  • Trade Shows and University Fairs
    For trade fair exhibitors traveling overseas, Sea Air offers a safe, convenient way to transport materials and displays to virtually any destination city. Wherever the venue, Sea Air will carefully ship your booth displays, literature, and supplies, guide them through foreign customs, and ensure on-time delivery to your convention site or hotel.
  • Customs Brokerage
    All Sea Air courier services and most Sea Air freight services include automatic, free customs clearance at the overseas port of entry, for documents, printed matter, and most non-document (dutiable) shipments. This brokerage service is invisible to the shipping customer, and, unless there are duties or taxes to be paid overseas, also invisible to the recipient. It is inclusive in our door-to-door service.
  • Mail Order Catalog Distribution
    Sea Air combines hand-delivery with direct injection into the Japan postal system, meaning speedier delivery of your catalogs.
  • Merchandise Distribution
    Sea Air provides direct merchandisers with expedited merchandise fulfillment throughout the world, at a very competitive cost.
  • Fulfillment Services
    Sea Air can help move your product through the various phases of warehousing, packing, and distribution.

 Services >> Security

Sea Air Security Services has fulfilled a wide range of corporate security service requirements for a number of large and respected corporate clients in the country.

Our services provided range from corporate security officers, investigations, debugging of office floor areas, computers and telephone systems.

Sea Air Security Services corporate personnel are well presented, appropriately attired to clients needs and operate as low profile, highly trained operatives.

We can provide Corporate security personnel for events including

  • Armoured Truck Delivery For Valuables
  • Product Launches
  • Black Tie Dinners
  • Social Events
  • Charity Auctions
  • Demonstrations
  • Security guards
  • Crowd control people
  • Personal protection
  • Mobile patrols
  • Risk management
  • School security
  • Sporting events
  • Special events
  • Party security
  • Private investigations
  • Loss prevention
  • Traffic management
  • First aid
  • V.I.Ps
  • Security consultations
  • Pilot car vehicle/truck escorts
  • e.t.c



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